Current Planning Issues

Tenby Civic Society makes comments on all planning applications affecting Tenby.

At the meeting held on 26th February 2019 the following planning applications were discussed and comments will be/have been forwarded to PCNP –

NP/19/0017/FUL Car wash, canopy and container, adjacent Co-op, The Green Tenby
A compatible use with the location. We are concerned at the increasing levels of traffic movements of many kinds allowed along this stretch of The Green; more and more permissions add up to a need for local traffic calming/speed limits as accidents are quite common from the junction with Heywood Lane to the double roundabout.

NP/18/147/Ful Housing , rear of Knowling Mead, Tenby.
Comments below were sent to the Town Council and local county councilors. The Town Council subsequently made some detailed comments for changes to the plans and requested traffic management measures for access through the eastern arm of Knowling Mead. A softer view than ours but showing productive consideration of details. A welcome step.

NP/19/0037 Alterations ‘Milton’ Serpentine Road, Tenby.
No objection

NP/19/0068/FUL Full width Dormer 40 Lady Park Tenby.
As the plans we have seen are identical with the same date and plan numbers as the previous recent application our views are the same

18/0729/FUL and LBA Change of use to Worship, café and bookshop, former Ocean Commotion, Lower Frog Street, Tenby.
We welcome the re-use indoors of the paneled front doors, new glass doors and the reduction in signage.

19/0013/TPO Fell dying sycamore, reduce crowns sycamore and ash trees, Jibinc, Mayfield Drive/ fronting Narbeth Road.
We welcome this suitable management of a group of quite large trees partly along a main road.
May we thank the officer concerned for asking us to be consulted

19/0026/FUL Second storey extensions, 12 St David’sClose.
No objections to additions in keeping with the existing house and street character.

NP/19/051/FUL Conversion, velux and rear dormer Flat 3 Cresswell Court, Cresswell st. Tenby
No objections – the pitched roof will be retained by flush velux preserving the pitched roof character of the street frontage, whilst the wide dormer is at the rear.

NP/18/0748/FUL Alterations and A3 first floor use . Sergeants Lane, Tenby.
We welcome the proposal extending the revitalisation of Sergeants Lane especially if the work is of the same standard as that carried out in the adjoining related brewery. The retention of the style and features of the façade will retain the character of Sergeants Lane.

NP/18/0755/FUL rear alterations ‘Milton’, Serpentine Road, Tenby
No objections.


To find out more details on these applications please visit  where you can search using the planning reference number