Current Planning Issues

Tenby Civic Society makes comments on all planning applications affecting Tenby.

At the meeting held on 10th October 2017 the following planning applications were discussed and comments will be/have been forwarded to PCNP –

  • NP/17/0496? TPO  Works to trees  Greenhill School Heywood Lane Tenby
  • NP/17/0531/TPO Pruning to Cupressus Macrocarpa, ‘Sherwood’ Narbeth Road
  • NP/17/0310 rebuild stores off Wallsfield Lane, Tenby
  • NP/17/0465/FUL  disabled persons rear annex. 1 Queens Parade
  • NP/0537/ retrospective, fencing, 6 Seascape, Tenby.
  • NP/0553/FUL  2 storey rear extension 10 Park Place Tenby
  • NP/17/0527/FUL  loft conversion  5 Clement Terrace Tenby.
  • NP/17/0564/TPO  and TCA  Pruning outer branches  St Marys Church  Tenby
  • P/17/0465/FUL   Rear disabled accommodation  1 Queens Parade Tenby
  • The following email has been sent to Nicola Gandy and Rob Scourfield because of the Conservation Area and Listed Building issues.
    At its last meeting the Executive Committee of Tenby Civic Society discussed some huge window adverts on M an Co’s premises formerly T P Hughes department store. ( photos attached )

    The committee was amazed that these displays on the outside of the windows onto Upper Frog Street were not included in the recent advert application for fascia and hanging signs.
    Were these huge signs not noticed and questioned on site inspection? We pointed them out on the fascia advert application comments.

    For the benefit of our committee and members could you clarify the status of these huge window stickers?  Are they not adverts requiring permission? Are they not material changes to the appearance of buildings in a Conservation Area? Are they not material changes to a listed building?  How can something so huge, obtrusive and out of character with the building, street scene and Conservation Area be acceptable when M and Co have arranged so many of the original windows to be clear so the display racks can be viewed from outside, adding to their “sell’ and linking the architecture and the use so well?
    We do recognise in design terms only, the grey window stickers are better, but the red one has nothing to recommend it.

    Your clarification/response on this would be appreciated.

    There is a general problem with a few oversize unauthorised adverts around the Town; but there are many unauthorised signs that are quite suitable in size and design and do enhance their premises and the character of the town; we welcome these latter and see no reason to raise their planning status.

    To find out more details on these applications please visit  where you can search using the planning reference number